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10 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency Vet Visit

Pet emergencies can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what’s best to do in these situations. To help, we have compiled our top 10 tips to prepare you for an emergency vet visit.


1. Identifying Emergencies 

Familiarity with a pet emergency can help determine if your pet needs emergency care. Here are some examples of what an emergency may be: 


  • Poisoning/allergic reaction

  • Eye injuries 

  • Choking

  • Seizures/fits  

  • Burns and open wounds 

  • Road traffic accidents

  • Birthing complications 

This list, of course, is not exhaustive. The best way to identify a pet emergency is to know your pet. You should seek advice from your vet immediately if you notice unusual behavior or suspected signs of discomfort. 


2. Steps To Take

Ensuring your pet is stable and comfortable is the first step to take. There may be some situations where your pet will require initial first aid, otherwise, contact your vet immediately. Provide your vet with all necessary information, from how the emergency arose to symptoms you have noticed in your pet. Answer any questions, and make sure to ask any questions you have so that your pet can receive the best treatment possible.


3. Finances 

It is wise to get pet medical insurance or emergency pet insurance as soon as you first get your pet. Opening a savings account specifically for pet emergencies is also advisable. 


4. Documents

Request copies of your pet’s medical history and a list of medications they take. This can be extremely useful should you find yourself in an emergency outside of business hours and seeking help from an emergency vet clinic.  


5. Vet Contacts

Keep your local vet and emergency vet contacts in a safe place for future use. Keep them somewhere easily accessible in an emergency and familiarize yourself with the addresses and locations of each clinic.


6. Regular Checks

Regular check-ups can help to lower the risks of a pet emergency by keeping your pet in good health. Keep your pet up to date with their vaccinations and parasite preventatives. Consider discussing the option of spaying or neutering your pet with your vet, as this can help to prevent particular illnesses and diseases further down the line. 


7. Emergency Kits

Keep the documents mentioned above containing your pet’s medical history and medications and a note of their microchip number organized in a folder. Keep them somewhere safe, along with other items you may need in an emergency such as a pet carrier, leash, or blankets. 


8. Toxic Foods

Brush up your knowledge of which foods may be toxic for your pet (such as chocolate, raisins, and onions). Avoid having plants in your home that are toxic for pets (such as lilies if you are a cat owner). Keep your house tidy and avoid clutter because it can be easy for your pet to swallow foreign objects and block their airways or get into medication that isn’t stored safely. Keep harmful substances and objects out of the reach of your pet.


9. First Aid

Having a first-aid kit on hand can be especially useful in an emergency. Keep it stocked with items such as the following: 


  • Gauze/bandages 

  • Medical tape

  • Scissors and gloves 

  • Alcohol wipes

  • Antibacterial spray 

  • Tweezers

Knowing basic first aid and even taking a course on pet CPR can make a huge difference in a pet emergency. 


10.  Call ASAP

If at any point you find yourself concerned for your pet’s well-being, contact your vet immediately. 

Concerned about a potential pet emergency? Visit East Texas Pet Emergency Clinic at our office in Longview, Texas. You can call (903) 759-8545 if you have any questions or concerns.

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